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Relax and Renew Restful Yoga for Stressful TimesEnce with this tome This is one of those books that you keep #On Your Shelf For #your shelf for re reading using it than often Amazing overview of restorative yoga practices very thorough Good stuff It s great to earn about the particular poses and how to really relax with them I appreciated how she included PICTURES FOR EACH SECTION IT MADE THE BOOK EASIER for each section it made the book easier digest and understand if you were ooking just for a uick reference for a particular series A great primer to restorative yoga very detailed information about getting into the poses and getting comfortable In Them A Great Book To Get them A great book to get basic understanding of the role restorative yoga can play in a person s ife A great book for anyone interested in owering stress and improving health Must have resource for restorative yoga teachers and yoga teachers Touches on pre and post menopausal chair yoga menstruation yoga and pregnancy yoga Very detailed great resource inspiring uotations in the margins Will keep in my ibrary Excellent resource for Detention of Doom learning about Restorative Yoga and how to develop a Restorative practice of your ow. Adaches insomnia jetag and breathing problems; a special section for women during menstruation pregnancy and menopause; a guide to props; and resources for finding a yoga teacher recommended books magazines newsletters audio programs yoga vacations As an interest passion or simple curiosity about Restorative Yoga this book is your bible Like most younger folks I didn t pay much attention to Restorative Yoga that was until I came across this book tested out a few of the poses for myself First Lasater s writing style is very informative without "being complicated You feel supported encouraged by her simply intelligent choice of wordsSecond though most of the poses in the various "complicated You feel supported encouraged by her simply intelligent choice of wordsSecond though most of the poses in the various are just slightly different versions of the ones before it the variety of seuences their supportive purposes are good for a ifetimeThird the poses work plain simple Try them all I m sure you will find a favorite mine is Supported Bound Angle Pose using sandbags instead of a strap Whether you are used to practicing with a Punishing My Slutty Little Sister live Yoga teacher or not Lasater s details for setting up moving into settling into and coming out of each poseeave you confident that you can practice any restorative seuence on your ownI haven t had the pleasure of reading any of Lasater s other 7 books but I certainly want to read them all after my delightful experi. Nce in the Basic Relaxation Pose Savasana the heart of restorative practice In addition this book provides yoga seuences for busy days including a fifteen minute practice yoga at #Your Desk And The #desk and the Invisible Relaxation; programs for back pain he. I tend to work until I am drop dead exhausted I tend to worry until I can t sleep This book has taught me how to take care of myself and relax Excellent techniues for my asthma neck pain and sinus troubles So hey yeah I m obviously expanding my yoga knowledge here and in addition to Yin I m doing a unit on Restorative yoga This is Lasater s first book on the subject and really the one that began to popularize the subject in many yoga circles But it s not dated by any means It s a really solid resource that does the work today just as it did when it was released to convince people they need the healing power of Restorative yoga in their ives Of course she ALSO HAS A PILE OF SEUENCES AND POSES WITH has a pile of seuences and poses with many modifications to make it #accessible to everyone if you practice yoga at #to everyone If you practice yoga at but don t give yourself the gift of a beautiful relaxing or restorative practice as often as you should this book will guide you through gentle poses to imbue some self ove into your practice Judith Lasater is known as the ueen of Restorative Yoga and she doesn t disappoint For anyone that Experience the rest of your ife with restorative yoga the supported poses and breathing practices that will help you heal the effects of chronic stress In Relax and Renew the first book exclusively devoted to this work the author offers in depth guida. ,