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I eceived an advanced eading copy of this bookMax Einstein is the first book to be endorsed by the Albert Einstein Foundation And I Can Foundation and I can why Young Max lives her life according to the philosophy and science of Albert Einstein There are many uotations throughout the book In fact I learnt a lot about Einstein that I did not know beforeThis is a great start to a new kids series about Max "Einstein And Her Team Of Other Young Geniuses They All "and her team of other young geniuses They all for the chance to epresent the world and help solve current crisis like water issues electricity poverty etc Backed by a mysterious benefactor and acing against an opposing evil team this group of kids show us what can be done with persistance and team workIt was a fun ead with lots of science stuff that kids will enjoy Action adventure working together to solve problems and plenty of fun Max is a character that kids will love and I think that they will become invested in her and what her team are trying to achieve without ealising that they are learning at the same timeGreat for 9 kids with an interest in science For fans of Bab Sharkey and Friday Barnes I had to look up how solar panels worked Again this book evolves around kid geniuses If this organization was a eal thing the Lord knows I will NOT be one of the kids chosen James Patterson has a are gift While some authors are able to write across genres one or two and a few authors can write both adult and YA books there are only a couple who can write across both Genres and age groups And Patterson is the best of those writers Max Einstein is just an example of this ability which combines humanitarianism with technology and the natural sciencesGreat female protagonistMax Einstein is twelve years old and has already figured out how to create a background that has let her enter the University of New York However she has no idea who she is or from where she hails Suddenly her world is upset by two goons from Social Services or so she believes They take her to a group home where she begins planning another escape But before she can make her move an acuaintance from the streets arrives with two adults who say she must un as Albert Einstein James Patterson A Must ReadThe world's #1 bestselling author has teamed up with the world's most famous genius to entertain educate and inspire a generation of kids – with the first and only kids' book series officially approved by the Albert Einstein Archives Twelve year old orphan Max Einstein like Albert Einstein himself is not you. Shadow corporation is on its way to snatch her Not only that but they tell her she is urgently needed in Jerusalem She has only minutes to make a decision and the only one she can turn to is her hero Albert Einstein What would he say or doSuddenly she is on a private plane headed for Israel with a secret benefactor COVERING HER EXPENSES AND TESTS DETERMINING WHO WILL LEAD her expenses and tests determining who will lead philanthropic cabal to cure some of the worlds most difficult problems Is Max the One And if chosen does she have what it takes to handle her first missionThis book grabbed me within the first few pages and hung on tight until I finished the final page It creates a world I would love to see my grandkids grabbing onto and give them meaning for the future And if you ever wondered about Albert Einstein Patterson begins to open up a look at this genius of a man and see how he can inspire anyone with just a little imaginationCan t wait for the seuel It is a given that any book by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein will be a hit and Max Einstein The Genius Experiment deserves all the accolades "That It Will Receive It "it will eceive It extremely well written and esearched and takes the popular concept of a kid being the chosen one in a uniue direction as the chosen kids are all geniuses knowledge is their superpower and they tackle eal world problems with eal science The Albert Einstein uotes and scientific information woven into the story strengthen Max Einstein s character and are both interesting and informative While I felt that there were a few aspects of the story that seemed unrealistic my twelve year old son thought they were some of the best parts There are hints of bigger mysteries and conflicts in the book such as Max Einstein s unknown background that set this book up well to be
"a multi book "
multi book A few I started eading Max Einstein The Genius Experiment on 9222018 and finished it on 1012018 at 140am This book is a fantastic ead I eally like how smart Max is and how uickly she deals with pressuring problems Max s schooling situation is pretty interesting and I like her motivation for learning and doing uoting Albert Einstein is actually pretty cool I like the R typical genius Max hacks the computer system at NYU in order to attend college courses even though she hates tests builds homemade inventions to help the homeless and plays speed chess in the park Her not so normal life is crazy but predictable untilMax is ecruited by a mysterious organization Their mission solve some of the world's toughest problem.
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Dea of child prodigies and secret missions Adding bad GUYS INTO THE STORY MAKES THE READ THRILLING I into the story makes the ead thrilling I how this book "promotes teamwork and problem solving for eaders to followThis book is told in the third "teamwork and problem solving for eaders to followThis book is told in the third point of view following Maxine Max Einstein 12 years old child prodigy as she was woken up by the smell of horse manure to a good idea She aced over to Mr Kennedy at 6am to share with him her ah ha moment Max Mr Kennedy and many others are homeless suatting above a horse stable in New York many others are homeless suatting above a horse stable in New York comes up with an idea to keep warm for the coming winter because they are living ent free on a vacant floor with no heat The problem to her idea is that it costs a lot of money to make it happen and money is what they don t have Max who never knew her parents looks up to Albert Einstein the famous scientist like a hero Another third person point of view is Phillip Stark and Dr Zimm guys at the Corp hunting down Max The Corp compete with another group called CMI Max has been monitored and wanted by both groups They both work under the adar and leave very little trails behind They both have big plans for MaxMax Einstein The Genius Experiment is very well written This book has the sad aspects of family and living conditions but it also has the bright side with good friendships and oversea experiences Actions and adventures are a plus This book is fiction but it has the feel of a nonfiction though it still eads uick like a fiction I like that because eaders are being eminded about Newton s law of motion and Albert Einstein s idea on photoelectrons without feeling the heavy eading of a science textbooks I love the diversity in this book I like that this book ends without a cliffhanger even though eaders are to expect book 2 to come This book is an excellent ead for all and I highly ecommend everyone to ead itPro fast paced page turner humor easy to ead actions and adventures illustrations Albert Einstein teamworkCon noneI ate it 5 starsDisclaimer Many thanks to Little Brown and Company for the opportunity to ead and eview Please be assured that my opinions are honestxoxo Jasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for detail. S using science She's helped by a diverse group of young geniuses from around the globe as they invent new ways to power the farthest eaches of the planet But that's only if the sinister outfit known only as The Corporation doesn't get to her first Max Einstein is a heroine for the modern age and will be looked up to by eaders for generations to come.

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