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Discussed as well as possible I found the book fascinating because i thought some of book fascinating because I some of things were settled and I was surprised to find that they are notWritten by a Michigan State University law professor it unfortunately reads like it was written by a university law professor I suggest the best accompaniment to this book is a large pot of strong coffee It can get ense This 2012 book is a surprisingly prescient look at many thorny uestions that have consumed American political junkies in the years that followed Can a sitting president be indicted Can a president pardon themselves How would a 25th Amendment solution to removing a When Good People Write Bad Sentences disabled president work if the president insisted they weren tisabled Kalt a constitutional scholar lays out the legal arguments for each side of these constitutional cliffhangers in most of them each side of these constitutional cliffhangers in most of them s not a clean and simple answer He also creates fictional scenarios to illustrate the The Miners Wife dilemmas which can be helpful but also a little corny I kept going back and forth on them Some of these as noted are hotlyebated others I wasn t even aware were issues like the fact that Congress is almost certainly capable of impeaching an EX presidentThe book is pretty short and not too bogged Une modernisation manquée (1915-1956) down with jargon recommended for anyone with an interest in this stuf. Ty to think about how constitutional procedures can best beesigned interpreted and repaired Also because the events Kalt Her Hardest Choice describes would all carry enormous political conseuences they shed light on theelicate and complicated balance between law and politics in American government. .

Constitutional CliffhangersThis book is what Is Literature? and Other Essays definitely not for everyone but if you re interested in American political history or armchair legal scholarship it selightful Even though the scenarios seem outlandish one of the key takeaways is that bizarre constitutional uestion marks pop Up In The Real World All The in the real world all the and much as octors learn a lot about the body from extreme cases such issues shed a lot of light on the mechanics and vulnerabilities of the entire constitutional system Pretty fun not too ense Written pre Trump lends credibility in my opinion I found dense Written pre Trump lends credibility in my opinion I found provocative and fascinating pre Trump lends credibility in my opinion I found provocative and fascinating the author points out it is good to scrutinize our constitution and notice its flaws Prescient and insightful I never understood these constitutional cliffhangers but now I feel better informed armed I had to keep checking the publication Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day date 2012 Are you sure these fictional examples aren t real examples Readable and fun without sacrificing rigor at least as far as I a non expert can tell Heavily footnoted too which is aelightI m sure some people are calling this book prophetic or something but I ll reserve judgement on that until something actually happens the fact that talking heads like to latch on to exotic scenarios and talk about them until they re blue in the face oesn t really constitute the scenario com. The United States Constitution's provisions for selecting replacing and punishing presidents contain serious weaknesses that could lead to constitutional controversies In this compelling and fascinating book Brian Kalt envisions six such controversies such as the criminal prosecutio. .

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Ing up in real lifeI will admit that there some added interest To Reading This Book reading book an erratic person in the White House Some of Kalt s political surelys haven t aged well but we can hardly blame him for that Hands own THE best book I ve read in the past year and then some It s a non fiction but the way Kalt writes it s like sitting Slave School down with a super thriller Published in 2012 Constitutional Cliffhangers is totally pertinent today with chapters on Prosecuting a President The Presidential Self Pardon Removing a Disabled President and Line of Succession He gives scenarios that if youidn t know when the book was written and published you think he was writing about current events Even though he himself is an attorney and a constitutional law expert this book is written so the average person can understand and enjoy the topics he is covering I had high hopes for this book written in 2012 But It Sounds Like It Was Written In Response To it sounds like it was written in response to events Just look at the table of contents1 Prosecuting a President2 The Presidential Self Pardon Controversy3 Removing a Disabled President4 The Line of Succession Controversy5 Impeaching an Ex President6 The Third Term Controversy7 Getting out of TroubleEach chapter is introduced with a some what plausible scenario and the pros and cons are. N of a sitting president a two term president's attempt to stay in power the ousting of an allegedly isabled president and None of these things has ever occurred but in recent years many of them almost haveBesides being individually ramatic these controversies provide an opportuni. .
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