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Lady s daughter is stolen by aliensagainand then they come Back To Get Her Or Something Sinister Let Me Just to get her or something sinister Let me just by saying that this book was much longer than it needed to be In my opinion there were many filler scenes adding no value to the story that the author could have omittedLet me
Also Warn You That I 
warn you that I am not a fan of stories involving UFOs and aliens Admittedly I A Fairly Honourable Defeat picked up this book out of desperation to have something to read and lack of other options I didn tarticularly care for the concept it s unoriginal and done many times before Honestly this alien story is basically like every other stereotypical alien story except by the end it turns into Terminator If you examine the reviews on for this book you will see a startling amount of derision and scorn No idea why Mystifying because its a genuinely well written energetic treatment of a remise that has seen a lot of over use in contemporary science fiction Just because the idea at the base of this story is so lastic that every SF based tv series relies on it at least once a season is no reason to slight this novel Further the author had to deal with the challenge of treading in territory already deeply carved out by Close Encounters of the Third Kind Not an easy taskAnyway Let me make it clear that this author is thoroughly competent and writes a ripping yarn There s no reason to dismiss this effort out of hand I actually think its good enough to be considered the top novel dealing with this lot and I ll tell you why scientific accuracy I can t divulge without revealing a major spoiler but I assure you that Reeves Stevens has done his homework The descriptions of the alien confronta. AFTER YEARS OF OBSERVING US ABDUCTING US AND EXPERIMENTING UPON US THEY HAVE FINALLY MADE THEIR FIRST MISTAKEAs the sun sets on a lonely Connecticut farmhouse the sh. ,
Tion in the final few ages is vividly done and maybe most readers don t fathom why its so bizarre but it is thoroughly grounded in the best scientific knowledge currently availableI stand behind this book it ACCOMPLISHES EVERYTHING IT SETS OUT TO DO GARFIELD REEVES everything it sets out to do Garfield Reeves is a writer that not enough eople know of He and his wife Judith have teamed up in the Gone (Gone, past many times on novels and TV shows like Star Trek Enterprise and the SyFy original movie Fire Serpent Alone Garfield has also written many novels includinglenty set in the Star Trek Expended Universe Many of his works are genre benders with a sci fi touchWhen I came across Nighteyes in a used bookstore it wasn t only the used bookstore it wasn t only the that led me to buying it The inside flap compared it to the works of Whitley Strieber For those who don t know that means Nighteyes has something to do with the alien abduction Threads Of The Shroud phenomenon This is a topic I find endlessly fascinating Nighteyes came out in 1989 not long after Whitley Strieberublished Communion One would think that the success of Communion might have led to interest in the subject of alien abduction and therefor help sales on a novel like Nighteyes Now I don t know how well Nighteyes sold but I do know that it is no longer in All Seated on the Ground print I recommend that anyone interested inurchasing the novel go straight to a used book dealerWith Nighteyes Garfield Reeves Stevens does something similar to what Strieber is doing with his new Alien Hunter series mixing the crime genre with classic alien abduction tropes If it wasn t for the UFO on the books cover the reader would likely be uite shocked when a good chunk into the story they realize what is behind the lot I m not Adows come gliding through windows sliding up walls enveloping Sarah Gilmour as she searches frantically for her missing child Then the shadows with their dark inhum. Iving anything away because like I said the cover makes this element very clear Which I feel is a shame because a good ortion clear Which I feel is a shame because a good ortion the novel s first half feels like a crime thriller and then BAM the creepy bug eyed Grays appearAs an alien abduction novel Nighteyes is uniue in other aspects too As I already stated I don t want to spoil the lot because I d being doing everyone a huge disservice But there is another reason fans of this genre should seek out Nighteyes immediately The aliens are not the typical sci fi Aliens These Grays Have These Grays have very complex history and aren t intensely focused on destroying humans The climax of this novel is mind blowing and not at all what you would expectGarfield Reeves Stevens wrote an incredibly smart and thought rovoking The DOS piece of fiction There are a lot ofeople who would avoid a book like this because they d look at the cover and read the flap and feel they were holding a book full of sci fi and alien cliches I Against All Odds pity thoseeople They have no clue what they ve missed Nighteyes is not what you would expect it to be So go search every used book store thrift shop and online seller for a copy of Nighteyes by Garfield Reeves Stevens Any fan of smart original horror and science fiction will devour Nighteyes like it s candyFromThe Nic Report Fascinating read Was a little confused at the beginning though so were the characters The story built at a steady Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism pace gaining characters at a rate that wasn t overwhelming It felt realistic until the last few chapters but stilllausible enough to wrap up the story with enough happening after the finale to answer those lingering uestions I m always left with after a good story Would recommend. An eyes are everywhere surrounding her as she sobs silently realizing with horror that they have taken her daughter once again And now they have come bcak for for he.